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We love to work (and love to live) in Reno, Sparks and Carson City.

This Place is Where it's At!

Move To, Work In, and Do Business In Reno, Nevada

Mountains, lakes, rivers. Snow, sunshine, and all four seasons. Reno, Nevada is a one of a kind type of place, and here at Talent Framework we’re proud to call it home.


For the past 30+ years, our recruiters have been at the forefront of working with some of the largest companies in the region, keeping people at work and helping businesses thrive. Reno is not only a great place to work and grow a business, but it’s an adventurous and wonderful place to love too.


"Much like those exploring Reno for the first time, I was excited by the area from the get-go. There are so many amazing qualities here and when you stack them all up, you realize just how great it is to be able to work and live in a place like this. It's special."

~Steve Conine, President, Talent Framework


The Business Market and The Job Market of Reno

As one of most business-, career-, and tax-friendly towns on the west coast, Reno was named one of the “top 25 mid-size metros in the nation for recent college graduates to move” according to the Reno Gazette Journal. With significant job growth happening within the last few years after large companies such as Tesla, Google, and Apple moved to the area, Reno offers professionals a wide range of career opportunities with great pay from cutting-edge tech to gaming to professional office positions with top-tier companies. 


While business owners bring their companies to northern Nevada because of the incredible tax incentives and local resources--no corporate income tax, no franchise tax, no estate tax, no inventory tax, co-working spaces, and more--professionals come here to call Reno home for similar reasons. On top of the great opportunities, employees are free of income tax in Nevada. Bonus!


The job and business opportunities aren’t the only reasons to head to the Wild West, Reno is full of adventure, events, great food and drinks, and more!


4 Reasons To Move To Reno For Your Next Professional Career


The Year-Round Events

You won’t find a season in Reno that doesn’t offer an event (or a whole slew of them) to get on out there and have some fun. Here are some of our favorites. 


Hot August Nights

This classic car show and entertainment event kicks off all across northern Nevada every August. You can find classic cars driving around town all week long during this event and head to a variety of locations for great food, flashy cars, and a fun (and usually very hot) time.


The Reno Rodeo

Arguably one of Reno’s favorite events, the Reno Rodeo takes place in mid-June at the Reno Livestock Event Center. Called the “Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West” and making its appearance for over 100 years, the Reno Rodeo offers a variety of rodeo events, vendors, a carnival, great food and drinks, and top-tier entertainment.


Reno Air Races

In mid-September you can catch a sky full of loud, impressive planes in the air for the STIHL National Championship Air Races hosted by the Reno Air Racing Association. These talented pilots put on some sky-high air races, shows, and educational events for fans across the region.


Reno River Festival

Flowing right through the center of downtown Reno, you’ll find the beautiful Truckee River. Kicking off the summer season, the Reno River Festival is centered around the Truckee, music, vendors, street eats, and crafts drinks.


Reno Aces Games

A hot dog and beer in hand watching some great baseball, there’s nothing better. Reno’s Minor League Baseball team, the Reno Aces, play their seasons at Greater Nevada Field located central to downtown Reno. As an impressive team with some great victories, Reno fans love when the Reno Aces season comes around.


Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

Just a short drive up the mountain, us Reno folks are lucky to have one of the most beautiful places on earth right in our backyard. All summer long, Lake Tahoe hosts a season-long festival for the works of William Shakespeare, the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. Locals gather around a stage of theater, music, and art from July to August.


And So Much More!

The list of Reno-Tahoe events goes on and on, and new and exciting events are added every year. Check out Visit RenoTahoe for a full list of upcoming events.


Downtown & Midtown Districts of Reno

The midtown and downtown areas of Reno have flourished in the last few years. With heavy renovation and craving-worthy local food and drinks popping up on every corner, you can find a day or night full of one-of-a-kind options in Downtown Reno and the Reno Midtown District


Throughout the Reno Midtown District, you’ll find places to eat and drink, check out art and music, shop, and dive into your health and wellness. 


From authentic Basque food to craft beer to wine bars, downtown and midtown Reno have it all. Interested in looking into what some of our favorites are up to? Check them out!



Outdoor For Any Season

Reno-Tahoe is an outdoor region for adventures of all kinds. You’ll surely find a way to get outside during any season, from snow to sandy beaches.


In the summers, Reno and Tahoe both offer a variety of outdoor activities from golf to lake days to Lake Tahoe beaches and boating to hiking. Our region is home to over 50 private and public golf courses all with a different (but beautiful) view and course challenge. The region is also filled with lakes big and small, close to 100 different lakes, actually. Some require hiking in, some allow camping, and some are fishing holes you have to check out. 


And then, of course, there’s the naturally beautiful Lake Tahoe that offers just about everything you could ask for in any season. In the summers, you’ll find hundreds of hiking trails to waterfalls, up to summits, and down to local lakes and ponds. You can hit one of Tahoe’s sandy beaches, paddleboard across a cove, or rent a toy for all kinds of watersports. 


During the winter, Reno-Tahoe opens up its many ski resorts for skiers and snowboarders to hit the slopes. With the closest resort just 25 minutes from Reno, snow adventures are just a short drive away for Reno residents. 


Some of the Best Professional Careers Waiting For You

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or you’re looking to pivot in your career, Reno has a variety of professional career options for folks of all levels. With quite the ‘candidate market’ currently taking place, now is the perfect time to find a high-paying entry-level career with great growth potential.


At Talent Framework, we specialize in working with professionals looking to find their best possible career fit. Our experienced recruiters help match job-seekers with positions, cultures, benefits, and pay that’s made for them. 


Our current professional career opportunities range from medical and dental to administration to retail. Check them out!


Expand Your Business In Reno, Nevada

Are you a business owner interested in expanding your business in Reno, Nevada? Let’s talk about the benefits. 


Along with being one of the Top 25 Mid-Sized Metros in the Nation for Recent College Grads, Reno is also known as one of the 12 Best Places to Live, bringing many new professionals to the region. The area has much to offer to folks moving to the area and business owners looking to call Reno their new business home. According to the Reno Gazette “The “Biggest Little City in the World” is doing its part to help stack the odds in entrepreneurs’ favor. Businesses that set up shop in Reno pay no corporate income taxes, personal income taxes, franchise taxes or inventory taxes.” With the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada’s (EDAWN) here to support Reno’s economic growth and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) here to support the expansion of businesses, business owners have the resources and opportunities to succeed. 


That’s not all! Talent Framework is here to find business owners and HR professionals the Talent they’re looking for to run a successful business with dedicated, quality employees.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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